British India

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Our Menu

Share plates - small & Large

we keep our menu small and fresh using local produce whenever possible (VEG) = Vegetarian (V) = Vegan (GF) = Gluten Free (DF) = Dairy Free

Onion & Spinach Bhajji(VEG)

sliced onion and spinach in a mildly spiced chickpea batter, served with tamrind, green chutney

Dressed Eggplant(VEG)

dusted eggplant with sesame sauce, pomegranate syrup, mint & tamarind chutney

Broken Samosa (VEG)

with bhel puri (puffed rice salsa), two chutneys & peanuts

Masala Peppers (VEG/V)(GF)

spiced amchoor roast peppers with tomato sauce & cashew cream(V) or with Indian cottage cheese(VEG)

Black lentil dahl(VEG/V)(GF)

with green beans, toasted coconut, tomato & green chili

Potato Paneer and Spinach dumpling (VEG)

in cashew sauce with coriander, roast cashews, green onion, chilli & chaat masala

Street Cauliflower (V,GF)

turmeric masala cauliflower, kipfler potatoes & peas with Indian salsa, coriander & coconut chutney

Palak (VEG,GF) (V option available)

spinach & fenugreek curry with Indian cottage cheese, green beans & fried spices

Navratan korma (VEG,GF) (V option available)

medley of vegetables cooked in almond and cream sauce

Chicken Tikka (GF), Tandoor chicken

chicken with curry leaf & cumin yoghurt, cucumber & mint

British Butter Chicken (GF), Tandoor chicken

in spiced fresh tomato, fenugreek leaf & cashew sauce with cream and sweetness

Indian Butter Chicken (GF),

tandoor chicken in spiced fresh tomato, fenugreek leaf & cashew sauce with no sugar

Chicken Tikka Masala (GF),

tandoor cooked chicken tikka sautéed on the tawa with onion tomato green chilli, garlic and ginger

Coconut Barramundi ,

in turmeric curry with lime leaf, snow peas, toasted coconut, spring onion & ginger

Royal Chilli Squid ,

salad of spiced chilli squid, fennel tips, radish and coriander with mango dressing

Turmeric goan prawns (GF,DF),

prawns cooked with turmeric spice, onion and tomato, coconut cream & garnished with coconut

Prawn or Chicken biriyani ,

chilli masala prawn and basmati rice with fresh tomato, peppers, cramelised onion, mint and toast almonds

Tender Goat (GF,DF),

goat on bone curry, flavoured with cardamom and infused in tomato gravy, cumin bay leaf & mace

Persian Lamb (GF,DF),

shoulder curried with red chilli, cinnamon, cloves & cardamom with cranberry & pomegranate molasses

Korma (GF),

lamb or chicken curried with turmeric, cashew, cream, green cardamom & garam masala

Vindaloo Chicken (GF,DF),

chunks of juicy chicken cooked in traditional hot vindaloo sauce

Tinder Beef (GF),

hot curry with cardamom, lime leaf & cinnamon with turmeric kipfler potatoes & seasoned yoghurt

Raj Duck,

salad of chopped duck leg, spinach, orange, fennel, chilli, radish coriander, mint & green onion with tamarind dressing

Madras Duck (GF,DF),

duck leg with curry of tomato, chilli, nutmeg, cardamom, aniseed, cumin, cinnamon with fresh pear pepper & mint chutney

Basmati Rice (V)(GF)

Pappadam (V)(GF)

Masala pappadam (fresh salsa & chutneys) (VEG)(GF)


Garlic or Plain naan (VEG)

Cheese Naan (VEG)

Cheese and Garlic naan (VEG)

Cheese and Chilli naan (VEG)

kulcha naan stuffed with cranberries, pistachio, mint & salt (VEG)

British fresh pineapple date chutney (V)(GF)

British green chutney (V)(GF)

British coconut chutney (V)(GF)

Sweet mango chutney

Raita (VEG)(GF)